TVR Dashboards and TVR Veneer Service.

I hold a stock of new RHD Walnut Burr or stainless steel dashboard sets, for the TVR Chimaera and Griffith fitted with Caerbont dials. (That is cars from circa 1994 onwards, and fitted with the silver edged dials that look like the ones in the picture above - although the actual dial face maybe a different colour).

When the TVR Factory closed in 2006, I bought all the Factory Spares Department stock of Walnut Burr veneer dashboards and when these sold, started re-manufacturing using the original TVR suppliers, but using more modern 2018 specification adhesives and lacquer. I now supply the majority of the TVR dealers and offer:-

New Chimaera or Griffith Walnut Burr veneer dashboard set at £240.00.
New Chimaera or Griffith machine turned stainless steel set at £114.00.
New Chimaera or Griffith chequered stainless steel set at £114.00.
New Chimaera or Griffith basket weave stainless steel set at £114.00.
(Please send a £1.71 SAE if you want metal samples.)


Alternatively I also offer a bespoke full refurbishment and re-veneer service to like new condition. I recommend Walnut Burr because that was TVR Factory standard, but I can supply in more exotic woods like Madrona, Elm, Redwood, Birds-Eye Maple, Mercedes black wood, Aston Martin piano wood etc, so please get in touch if you fancy something different.

Refurbish your Chimaera/Griffith dash and radio/heater panel at £258.00.
Refurbish your Tasmin dash and glovebox panel at £258.00.
Refurbish your S3/S4/V8S dash and heater panel at £258.00.
Refurbish your 350/390 dash, heater and glovebox panel at £336.00.
Refurbish your Tasmin/S3/S4/350/390 door trims at £168.00.
(Normally ten days turn around time, but allow upto twenty-eight days.)

Prices include VAT.
But Postage and Packing and insurance is £24.00 in UK; £42 to Europe.
Adelaide Buildings, 12-14 Adelaide Street, Bradford, BD5 0EA