Smoked Titanium with anthracite and nimbus grey full hide interior, grey carpets, with dark grey TVRPP overmats; and Rhino roof lining.

Fitted with 18" alloys, aircon, PAS, radio/CD with dis-connected 6CD with four upgrade speakers; none-smoker option, remote central locking. Nitron suspension (400lbs front/325lbs rear springs), ACT full big bore exhaust and manifold, Kits And Classics Emerald ECU (407.1bhp on their rolling road - without mapping), BHPWhirlwind Induction kit and TVR alarm/remote central locking with Abacus keyless go upgrade immobiliser.

The very first TVR Cerbera Lightweight/mk II shape made and featured on the TVR stand at the 1999 London Motor Show.

Speedometer reads 22100 miles and the lovely condition and the way it drives, would suggest that is correct. However please add approximately 24000 miles, which is due to a single page photocopy, of a fax print out, suggesting these extra miles might, if genuine, have been done 2004 to 2006 (details below in italics). We spoke to the former owner of The TVR Centre and he didn't believe the speedometer would have been reset to zero.

TVR filofax service/handbook with file of old bills and MOTs, seven owners, two key sets. Recent 12k serviced; four new tyres; and less recent, but circa only 1k mileage useage on the clutch and shocks. ...£33990

15-11-99 PDI at 13 miles TVR Centre Barnet
07-12-99 1k at 1010 miles TVR Centre Barnet
20-10-00 6k at 5111 miles TVR Centre Barnet
20-12-01 12k at 10117 miles TVR Power
28-11-02 MOT at 11280 miles Park Herts
29-11-02 3rd owner
15-02-03 Service at 11884 miles TVR Centre
07-06-03 Clutch Master Cylinder at 14739 miles TVR Centre
04-11-03 24k & MOT at 15863 miles TVR Centre Barnet
28-01-04 Speedo repair at 15863 TVR Centre Barnet
02-04-04 Rear Exhaust repair at 18514 miles TVR Centre Barnet
22-12-04 30k at 21376 miles TVR Centre Barnet
21-11-05 Clutch at 22316 miles TVR Centre Barnet
22-11-05 4th owner
04-01-06 36k at 22385 miles TVR Centre Barnet
21-02-06 Speedo change at 23761 miles TVR Barnet
02-06-06 42k & MOT at 8724 miles TVR Centre Barnet

04-01-07 48k/tappets & clutch at 16013 miles TVR Centre Barnet
29-06-07 MOT at 16167 miles Rowland Bsihops Stortford
10-07-07 5th owner
??-??-07 ACT big bore exhaust inc sports catalysts
15-09-08 MOT at 17651 miles Anglia Colchester
??-??-09 ACT Stainless manifolds
02-12-09 MOT at 18955 miles Anglia Colchester
02-02-11 MOT at 20382 miles A1 Colchester
28-07-12 6th owner, MOT at 20300 miles
16-01-14 42k/tappets, clutch & slave, Nitrons, Outriggers & MOT at 20493 miles Taylor TVR
28-02-15 48k at 20605 miles WP Sports & Classic Kent
28-04-15 MOT at 20618 miles Express Ashford
16-02-16 54k at 20694 miles WP S&P Kent
10-09-17 60k at 20701 miles WP S&P Kent
11-07-19 MOT at 20732 miles R&R Footscray
10-11-19 66k at 20731 miles WP S&P Kent
03-02-21 MOT at 20777 miles Halfords Telford
20-04-21 7th owner at 20792 miles
04-05-21 Oil change & steering UJ repair at 20??? miles
03-03-22 MOT at 21062 miles Halfords Telford
06-06-22 Emerald & Whirlwind at Kits and Classics
16-12-22 12k service at 21848 miles X-Works TVR
24-04-23 MOT at 22088 miles Ashton Bradford
21-03-24 Oil service and inspection at 22162 miles SelbyTVR
18-04-24 MOT at 22198 miles Ashton Bradford
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