I prefer to prepare and sell cars, the way I would want to buy them. So I work from a very modest 1893 Mill in Yorkshire to keep business overheads as low as possible (costs which ultimately have to be factored into the car's selling price); and outsource the service work and vehicle preparation to marque specialists that I know and trust.

This allows me to concentrate on the buying and selling; and as my service partners have their own reputation to maintain, it is in their business interests, that my vehicles, are prepared to the very best of their abilities. I think the idea of buying from a dealer, paying themselves to prepare a vehicle, is flawed.

I prefer to buy and own my stock, that way I can prepare it to the appropriate standards. The theory is also, if it's good enough for me to buy, hopefully it's good enough for you too! So, I obviously throughly check what I buy; I then use a marque specialist to re-check and then prepare my stock; and I then use a third party to MOT my cars. You are welcome to speak to these service partners if you want a second opinion, or even send along your own vehicle inspector if you wish.

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