Sell my Aston Martin thoughts? Aston Martin Wanted! Aston Martin Bought! I am always wanting to buy Aston Martin cars, so please call if you are selling a Aston or something equally as interesting! I prefer to buy and own my stock, that way I can prepare it to the appropriate standards. The theory is also, if it's good enough for me to buy, hopefully that means it's good enough for the next owner too!

I am really wary of dealers that talk of Sale Or Return, I don't think they are a properly funded business! If the banks will not take the financing risk, why should you, by giving them your car? But, if you are selling and we cannot agree a price, I am also happy to take vehicles on a sale or return basis. You will get more, because I have no capital tied up; and I will pay you for the car when the new owner pays me the deposit; none of this risky waiting until the transaction is completed malarkey.

So if you have a nice Aston Martin to sell, or perhaps some other equally interesting sports car, it is wanted here, please do call or email. I am sure we can do something together. I can collect anywhere, settle finance, pay by bank transfer etc....

Yeah Baby!
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